WordPress for iPhone

Vacation time again. This time we are at the beach – a place I tend to stay away from to avoid tanning this hard wonned pale complextion. To top things off no wifi in the house we rented – I can’t even tap into anyone else’s network. So I thought I would be forced to enjoy the surf and sand — until I reviewed my NetNewsWire on my iPhone to discover that the team at Automatic has produced a WordPress application for the iPhone. Woohoo! New toy!

First the app is free! Thank you guys! However I would consider purchasing a tool like this. I installed the app from the AppStore on my iPhone. Even with the slow EDGE network connection, the app was downloaded, installed, and configured to work with my site in five minutes.

Obviously I’m using the app to post this blog entry. It’s pretty easy to use — the only challege being typing on the iphone screen. Don’t get me wrong, I love the technology behind the iPhone keyboard. The only issue is that I’m all bent over the phone to type. I feel like a teenager in an illicit text conversation on the phone.

Anyway more about this app later as I poke around.


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