Machine was toast

Well thanks solely to my tinkering with getting Netflix to work on my Hackintosh, I toasted the machine.  Or at least I got it into a state that it wouldn’t boot.  I got to the Apple symbol and that’s it.

I tried fixing my Netflix/Silverlight issue by attempting to fix my ‘About this Mac’ window – figuring that the installer in the Microsoft Silverlight was not seeing what it expected and not installing correctly.  I download OSx86 Tools and started to mess with that program to see if that tool could change the appropriate settings.  Well, it looks like I hit the wrong option/button, whatever.  After the next reboot, my machine wouldn’t come back up.

To get it running again this is what I did:

Googled everything I could think of.  I know the file system and the kernel was probably intact.  The system just couldn’t get the GUI launched.  I found this incredible website (that I forgot to bookmark!) that explained in detail the exact steps on how to diagnose and resolve boot issues with Macs.  (It’s really killing me that I can’t find that site again – so very very useful)  In any event, I was able to get the machine back up and running by removing all the hacked kexts out of the system – specifically the video and sound drivers.

Of course when I rebooted, I go the standard video driver and no sound.  So instead of just copying the older kexts that I normally use whenever I upgrade my OS, I instead decided to patch my system the correct way.

If you haven’t seen it yet, MoDs has an excellent article on the How To: EFI GFX+Audio Introduction & Tutorial. It truly is a great write up – especially the Introduction — sub titled For Noobs. Basically following this article, I was able to get my machine back and running and patched correctly for my hardware.

I think this is the last time I attempt to do an upgrade on the existing system.  The next OS X update, I think I’m going to just back up my entire machine with SuperDuper! and start from scratch with a vanilla install.


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