Finally Netflix Streaming!!


Finally got Netflix streaming to work on my big machine by using this thread on the Boxee forums. After the jump, I’ve duplicated superdug’s steps.

Again, this is abstracted from superdug’s post in the Boxee forums:

The problem: You go to watch a netflix instant movie, the netflix app loads, it tests your video, you get buffered data, and then an 8152 DRM error shows up.

First you’ll need kext helper:

Now you need some kext’s:

You’ll need to have an account on in order to download the files

Original thread here:…ic=134517&st=0

Drag all 4 kexts onto kexthelperb7 type in your password, and choose easy install.

Then reboot, it will update boot caches and restart your computer.

Go into Safari, login to netflix, play any movie, and now you can stream to your hearts content in boxee

Hopefully this can help someone else out there!!


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